Philosophy Born of Struggle is a community, a conference, and a textbook. The textbook edited by Leonard Harris is in its second edition. The conference was originally organized by Everet Green and Leonard Harris. Philosophy Born of Struggle will celebrate its 26th year in 2019. As for the community: welcome!

William R. Jones Award Recipients

Rozena Maart, 2016

Greg Moses, 2015

Blanche R. Curry, 2014

Albert Mosley, 2013

William R. Jones, 2012

Executive Director

Dwayne Tunstall

Assistant Director

Stephanie Rivera-Berruz

PBS Board

Jorge Garcia

Darryl Scriven

Rozena Maart

Patrice Rankine

Andrea Pitts

Leonard Harris (ex officio)

Tommy J. Curry (ex officio)

International Committee

Jacoby Carter

Tiffany Montoya

Stephanie Rivera Rivera-Berruz

Espinoza Reyes


Please verify your institution’s willingness to provide financial support first.

Below are typical costs and responsibilities associated with sponsoring and hosting the conference:

Keynote Speakers (approximately $3,000)
Transportation:  $1,500
Lunch:  box lunch for 70  people, two days
Dinner: one sponsored dinner, 30   people, last day
PBS  management fee ($3,000)

Rooms:  two for lectures rooms (class size), one for key note (can be one of the same rooms)
Registration and Book Display Tables

Sponsor is asked to help select keynote speakers, recommend moderators (e.g., your faculty or students if they want to moderate a session), review schedule before it is published so we have the right room numbers, people, etc.

PBS manages all other costs, including video taping of all sessions, publishing tapes, conference program, advertisement and coordination.


Dwayne Tunstall, Executive Director, tunstald@gvsu.edu

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