PBOS XX: Oct. 25-26 2013 @ Purdue

The 20th Annual Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference

UPDATED Oct. 12, 2013
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Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

OCTOBER 25-26, 2013

Ethics, Aesthetics and the Epistemology of Being

In recent years, globally oriented conferences from around the black world1 have insisted that the ground of reason is and ought to shift – prompting such questions as: What does this shifting ground look like? What do ‘reason,’ ‘beauty,’ ‘virtue’ look like in their new home? How do we reconcile these concepts with perspectives from ‘the periphery’ – ‘Black philosophies,’ ‘working-class philosophies,’ ‘feminist philosophies,’ ‘insurrectionist philosophies,’ etc? (See note on conferences below.)

There is a broad corpus of work by and about authors of African American heritage directed towards debating the answers to these and other questions, with varying answers including discussion of post-soul, Afro-futurism, contract theory, political liberalism, epistemic racism/injustice/ignorance, feminist theory, etc. These debates represent the internal dialogue between different schools of thought all arising out a community concerned with human liberation. Over the last twenty years, Philosophy Born of Struggle has mapped and chronicled these debates from within this heritage and these peripheral perspectives. The PHILOSOPHY BORN OF STRUGGLE: 20TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE will try to enhance internal dialogue by visiting and locating debates within the tradition and drawing connections between thinkers and perspectives from across the diaspora.

The 20th is also a time to remember a scholar who has left a towering legacy and for many years sojourned to PBS: William R. Jones (see Lewis Gordon’s “Remembering William R. Jones“)

Registration: There is no charge for conference participation. However, please register at: www.conf.Purdue.edu/pbos

Meals: Continental breakfast and a light lunch provided. Purdue Memorial Union has excellent dining facilities in the lower level and a dining room on the second level. A number of restaurants are also within easy walking distance of the PMU.

Lodging: A special rate is available at: Purdue Memorial Union Club Hotel, 101 N Grant St, West Lafayette IN 47906-3574. Reservations can be made by phone at: 765-496-6810 or on-line at www.union.purdue.edu/HTML/UnionClubHotel/ The Union Club Hotel is located on the corner of State and Grant Streets (Building Code PMUC see campus map below).

Parking: Parking is available at Grant Street Parking Garage October 25th. Parking passes will be available at registration at the Black Cultural Center, beginning 8:00am. Map/Directions: Purdue’s campus map is available online at: www.purdue.edu/campus_map/; For directions to the Purdue Memorial Union, Union Club Hotel, and Grant Street Parking Garage, see: www.union.purdue.edu/HTML/PMU/MapAndDirections.aspx

Conference Contacts: For questions concerning the program contact Amy Pommerening (apommere@purdue.edu); Jacob Kuhn (kuhn5@purdue.edu), Esra Coskun (ecoskun@purdue.edu), Jolivette Anderson-Douoning (anders50@purdue.edu), Leonard Harris (lharrisconferences@purdue.edu) or (765-496-3860).

Sponsors: Office of the Provost, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Philosophy, African American Studies, American Studies, Black Cultural Center, Black Thought Collective

Note on Conferences: conferences include series by the National University of Benin and CODESRIA (Council for Development of Social Science Research in Africa); “Shifting the Geography of Reason VI: Migrations and Diasporas”, Caribbean Philosophical Association, 2009; www.clrjames.org; “Philosophical Dialogue Between Africa and the Americas”, UNESCO, 2011 ( http://wpscape.info/unesco/2011/, in three languages).



8:00am – 9:00am Meet in lobby of hotel, Purdue Memorial Union
Registration, Continental Breakfast, guides to BCC, Tour BCC

William R. Jones (1933-2012) Lectures
Epistemology of Education
Blanche Radford-Curry Epistemic Racism and Social Justice: The Role of Education
Fayetteville State University
Joan Whitman Hoff Exploring Identity: Classroom
Lock Haven University
Rondee Gaines A Womanist Analysis of Fulani Sunni Ali’s Rhetoric
Miami University and the Republic of New Africa

Prison Abolition
Dennis Rogers Resistance to Oppression & Abolishment of Oppressive Systems Bowie State University in the Philosophy of Angela Davis and Herbert Marcuse
Amy Pommerening Prison Abolition, Giorgio Agamben and Angela Davis
Purdue University
Denise James Angela Davis: Radical Habits
University of Dayton
Matthew Hutcherson Black Freedom, Communism
Paine College

12:00pm Walk to Purdue Memorial Union, West Faculty Lounge, Room 250, 2nd Floor

12:00pm—2:30pm Lunch, Purdue Memorial Union, West Faculty Lounge, Room 250, 2nd floor
Jazz: The Aesthetic – Albert Mosley
Cornel West, Blanche Radford-Curry, Lucius Outlaw, et.al.
Purdue Memorial Union
West Faculty Lounge, Room 250

Ethics of Insurrection
Lee McBride Guile, Duplicity, and Imaginative Scenarios of Emancipation
College of Wooster
Jacoby Carter The Insurrectionist Challenge to Pragmatism
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Melvin Rogers David Walker: Insurrection
Emory University

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Advocacy Tradition: Philosophy Born of Struggle
Cornel West
Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University

8:00am—9:00am STEWART CENTER (Rooms 302/306)
Continental Breakfast

Existential Hope and Resurgence
Robert Birt M. L. King and Liberation
Bowie State University
Greg Moses M. L. King and Conscience
Austin Community College
Anthony Neal Wallace Thurman
Paine College
Devon Johnson Black Nihilism
Temple University

Epistemology – Standpoint – Culture
James Haile Existentialism and Aesthetics
Dickenson College
Michael Monahan Ontology and Race
Marquette University
Eric Weber Democracy, Culture, Race
University of Mississippi
Tommy Curry Cultural Logic
Texas A&M University

1:00pm-2:30pm Lunch, Stewart Center (Rooms 302/306)
Rozena Maart Consciousness
Gender Studies & Centre for Critical Research on Race and Identity
University of Kwa Zulu Natal
World Links: Student Discussion/University of Kwa Zulu Natal/Fayetteville State University, et.al.

Namita Goswami Identity: Feminism/Subaltern
Indiana University
Yubraj Aryal Nonsovereign versus Subaltern: Reincarnation of the Purdue University Oppressed
Kenneth Stikkers Between Assimilationism and Separatism: Alain Locke’s
Southern Illinois University Cosmopolitanism

KEYNOTE SPEAKER Living Thought, Living Freedom through Three Portraits of Philosophy Born of Struggle
Lewis Gordon
Professor of Philosophy, African American Studies, and Judaic Studies at University of Connecticut; Europhilosophy, Toulouse University, France; Nelson Mandela Distinguished Visiting Professor, Rhodes University, South Africa

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